Moulding works

Industrial Casting

Krishna Pattern Works is engaged in Manufacturing and Supplying of high quality industrial castings. We offer a wide range of industrial castings such as Alloy steel casting, Stainless steel casting, Cast iron castings, Grey iron casting & SG Iron castings. Our entire product range of industrial castings is manufactured in compliance with international standards. These industrial castings cater to the various industrial requirements in the most effective manner. Our wide range of industrial castings goes through very strict & continuous quality checks under the supervision of our experts that ensures optimum quality output. We are a complete customer oriented company and we are capable to fulfill the demands of the customers. We provide reliable services i.e. in-time deliveries of our products so that our customers remain fully satisfied.

Centrifugal Casting :-

We are engaged in manufacturing Centrifugal casting which provides a lower cost method for producing high quality bearing parts.
Centrifugal casting is essentially "liquid forging" or pressure casting where molten metal is forced against the mold wall under relatively high pressure. This centrifugal force along with the rapid cooling effect of the chilled mold induces directional solidification across the casting wall under forced feeding conditions.
This combination improves the density of the metal, increases the actual mechanical properties of the casting by 10% to 15% and provides a uniform metallurgical structure

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